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 Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching helps consumers with advice, encouragement, direction, and strategies that lead toward financial empowerment and self-reliance.


The Financial Coaching process is customized to fit the needs of the individual consumer with the assistance of a coach.


Financial Capability Building

What happens when individuals and family financial capabilities are strengthened?

Consumers are empowered with new consumer behaviors and with new information, build new skills and competencies resulting in improved financial well-being.


Every Job Training & Employment Program Should Have a Financial Capabilities Component. It Makes Good Cent$

“Job training and employment preparation (as well as the workplace, itself) is where income is earned and these places/times offer unique financial capability building opportunities.”


Financial Empowerment & Financial Capacity Building through Coaching & Consumer Education

Financial Coaching & Consumer Education teaches financial knowledge, skills, self-efficacy and consumer behaviors to build and strengthen the financial capabilities of individuals and families necessary to thrive in a modern democracy.

Through our coaching and education workshop series (The Common Wealth of America), we share information and help develop skills needed to make and exercise money management decisions that improve individual and family life-circumstances though the effective access and use of appropriate financial services.


Lisman Capital, LLC, a Human Resources Development & Training company, has provided employment & training services; professional development & leadership training; and consumer education & advocacy (including financial literacy) since 1977.


Michael R. Lisman, BA, MA, LSW, the lead executive of Lisman Capital, LLC, is a former community development banking executive and an advocate and trainer for financial literacy and consumer education since the mid-1970s.

What Consumers Are Saying about CommonWealth Financial Empowerment Workshops?

  • “Very good information regarding finance. Credit information if very important. I have never filled out a household monthly budget sheet. I will be keeping this form handy.”

“Mr. Lisman clarified for me how credit works and the costs associated with credit. I truly enjoy[ed] his presentation and hope to see him back...

  • “I believe that his has been very informa[tive]. I am learning to observe my experience for what they are, why they are and what I need to [do] for a better change… I would like to learn more and absorb all there is to be shared.

“The history of debt is beneficial. Ability to get things [Financial Services] for free.”

  • “Very informative. Credit and debt are drugs. Learn[ed] how not to be exploited. Don’t pay fees. How to budget.”

“I am learning so much from Mr. Lisman about being debt free and know what to ask of your bank. I thank the [the college] for having this type of program.”

  • “Lisman was very informative with his knowledge of the banking market. I am excited to learn more to improve my family lifestyles and teach my kids early in life the importance of their money & credit.”

“I have learned that paying un-necessary fees paid out to banks, money exchange centers, credit cards rob me and my family over a long period of time; of saving for emergency, vacation and college savings.

  • I enjoyed Mr. Lisman’s talk very much. It was very eye opening about how banks can make so much off people. And I learned more about the term, “unbanked”.

“I found the session to be very interesting and I’m very curious ad anxious to hear his next course because I want to really understand the concepts of debt/credit.